A little over three years ago, I asked the company that I work for, a company that has over $2 billion in annual sales, why they still had their stores do a Physical Inventory using inventory tags, when they use RF Guns for their daily cycle counts.  Using RF Guns would cut down the time that it takes to do a physical inventory as well as cut down on the errors that get made when people enter the counts that are written down on the tags into the computer.  Every time that I saw our Director of Operations I would ask him when we would be able to do a Physical Inventory on an RF Gun, (RF is Radio Frequency).  The last time that I saw him was this past January and he pulled me aside and told me that I was right, we could use an RF Gun rather than paper tags.

The company does it’s physical inventory in the months of October and November, so from January to October people at a much higher level than I have been working on this project.  This past weekend they were ready to test it at three different stores, making sure that there would be a corporate operations manager in attendance, just in case something didn’t work correctly.  One of the locations chosen was our store in Modesto California, a location no too far from me.  Unfortunately there were not any corporate operations managers available to attend the Modesto inventory.  So I was asked if I would be available since I understood the concept of how it should be done.  I accepted of course.

The plan for the Modesto inventory was to start counting at 5 p.m. when after the store closed and we hoped to be done by no later than 10 p.m..  Reality is, we did not start counting until around 5:30 p.m. and we were done counting by 8 p.m..  We counted the entire store and were ready to run our deviations report in two and half hours.  There were a couple of hourly employees who were a little upset that they were not going to receive Double Time, because we finished so quickly.  Bottom line, IT WORKED!  I was like a proud papa, since I was the instigator who started the whole process.  I am grateful that I was persistent with my idea with the company; it will help us improve and as well as cut some expenses.

There is another group of people who were persistent and who did not quit and as much as I hate to admit it, the San Francisco Giants have won the World Series once again.  They weren’t even suppose to be in the playoffs let alone the World Series.  On the team is a player named Travis Ishikawa, who also never gave up.  That is another interesting story.  Never Quit!