The Gratefulness Series

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October 2014

Don’t quit

A little over three years ago, I asked the company that I work for, a company that has over $2 billion in annual sales, why they still had their stores do a Physical Inventory using inventory tags, when they use… Continue Reading →

Foreseeing & Scheduling

Well, right now I’m grateful that our blog allows us to schedule things… ‘Cause Liz left last Saturday for a retreat she was gifted — gone for a week. Meaning I’m on point with the kids, the laundry, the homework… Continue Reading →


This evening I enjoyed dinner with my wife, my daughter, my mother, my mother in-law, my brother in-law and his two children and my wife’s uncle who is visiting us from Houston Texas.  It was a simple dinner with all… Continue Reading →

Family Ties

Tonight, I am graced with having spent the evening celebrating a sister-in-law’s birthday. I was with a niece, nephew, father-in-law, wife, daughters, son, brother-in-law, family friend… so warm the evening — so open, the heart. My brother is a daily… Continue Reading →

Greatest Sport in the World

I love the sport of Futbol or Soccer, as it is called in the United States.  When I think about it, this sport has really shaped my life.  I started playing it when I was in the Third Grade; I… Continue Reading →


I’ve spent the past few days helping my daughter with her history project. Her topic/subject is the Fifth Monarchy of England; who rose to prominence during the English Civil Wars during the reign of King Charles I and King Charles… Continue Reading →

Little Little

My youngest child, my daughter, is atending her second year of high school.  Today I am grateful that she is embracing all that the school has to offer.  She is very active in her yearbook class and was a part… Continue Reading →

A face, a past… a distant future

My friends reminded me of a time in my past, when I freely flew down the mountain side; apparent risk of life and limb obvious and immediate to the observing. I remember that time well. I was never in danger,… Continue Reading →

home again

I just spent the last five days at a sales conference in Dallas.  It was held at the Gaylord, which is a very large hotel.  For such a large and expensive resort the room was just mediocre.  So today I… Continue Reading →

i see my ship a comin’ – again and again…

um… yeah… i’ve often heard that there is only one ship that comes in for you… just one… and if you miss it; it’s game over — doesn’t matter at what point in your life you are… but, ah… yeah……. Continue Reading →

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