Today it is friends that I am grateful for.  There is so much that they do, offering their help and just getting it done.  Friends are family!  Today one of my “brothers from another mother” came over and we started to tear out one of my bathrooms together.  That section of the house is probably 40 to 50 years old with one of the walls being over 100 years old.  It is not a job that I really want to do, because the house is so old it is kind of like opening Pandora’s box.  Once you start with something that you think will be simple, BAM, something comes up that takes up more time and an entirely different project.  My wife thought that this project would never get started; but today she realized that we actually were working, especially when I went sprinting outside to turn the main water valve off.  At our house, no job is complete until you bust at least one water pipe; we busted two today.  It must be a pretty big job.  Anyway, I am grateful for my brother, Toast, for taking his time to come out here and help me make this hard job simple.

I am also grateful that my friends Susan and Norm came over this evening to visit with my mother in-law and my mother.  It has been a few months since they were last over and well, there has been a lot that has happened since then.  They brought dinner and a bottle of wine with them and we enjoyed good food and great company.

I am blessed with many great friends and for that I am grateful!