Late last night or very early this morning it began to rain; and it lasted until about nine o’clock this morning.  It was not a light rain, but a good, heavy rain that left puddles in the garden.  This was the type of rain that said that you had better use your windshield wipers while driving and slow down, the road is very wet.

We received about two and half inches of rain this last night; I don’t think that it was enough to hurt the wine grapes that have not been harvested yet, as long as it doesn’t rain for the rest of this week.  I live in Northern California and if you have not heard about it, California is experiencing a very severe drought.  This drought has made the dangers of fire in the California mountains and foothills a very serious threat; in fact in the hills and mountains between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe there is a fire that is burning out of control.

So this rain that we had this morning, helped those fire fighters just a little and I am hoping that it is a good sign that we will experience a wet winter, full of rain and snow, up in the mountains.

this is what I am grateful for today.