Today I am grateful for my mother.  There is a lot of things that my mother is and if you know my mom, you may wonder if she is Wonder Woman or Super Girl.  She has an infinite amount of energy, even into her late 70’s; it is absolutely amazing.

Tonight I picked my mother up from the airport; she flew from her home in Nicaragua to the San Francisco Bay Area so that she could be a companion and helper for my mother in-law.  This is my mother.  She is caring, giving and yes my siblings are correct when they say that she is bull-headed as well.

My mother in-law has been stuck in the hospital for the past two weeks, improving and getting stronger; but she was not able to come home because there was no person to be here with her, twenty-four hours a day.  Enter my mom…SUPER HERO!  She is not coming up just for a week or two, she has booked her return flight to Nicaragua for sometime in March!

I am grateful for my mother and that her selflessness is allowing my mother in-law to return to her home.

I love them both.