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September 2014

Water from the Sky

Late last night or very early this morning it began to rain; and it lasted until about nine o’clock this morning.  It was not a light rain, but a good, heavy rain that left puddles in the garden.  This was… Continue Reading →

Music, Sweet Music

I was about to post something about struggling… because my dementors were sucking the life and hope out of me. And then? I searched for a song on YouTube for tonight’s post and found this one. Started listening to it… Continue Reading →

a bit of grace

tonight, i am grateful for human grace… i meet it so often. the warmth and natural way in which one lives; relaxing everyone around regardless of the demeanor of the other… A way in which everyone feels at home—from the… Continue Reading →

What should I say?

Today it is friends that I am grateful for.  There is so much that they do, offering their help and just getting it done.  Friends are family!  Today one of my “brothers from another mother” came over and we started… Continue Reading →

lovin’ every bit of it

I’m grateful for a curious mind, one that remains open to potential and possibility… Got God? Maybe. Feel the truth of that Science? Maybe. Politics gotchya all twisted up? Politics and religion? If so, then to me what is most… Continue Reading →


Today I am grateful for my mother.  There is a lot of things that my mother is and if you know my mom, you may wonder if she is Wonder Woman or Super Girl.  She has an infinite amount of… Continue Reading →

and yet another fight

Tonight I am grateful for the hope that burns; a single flame in the night air… for I am awake and alive for yet another nfight… and I be only fighting myself— the joy and hope being that i can… Continue Reading →

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