What a day; what a day…

I worked fairly hard today — and I’m not done yet… what did I earn today? Monetarily speaking; nothing.

Got a lot completed. But money in the bank? Zero.

And then I was looking forward to doing an open mic tonight… but I’m still learning the ropes — which means that i waited three hours, nursing a coke — migrating from believing that i could kill it up there to i should be grateful that they’re not calling me up. And i ended with they didn’t call me up; grateful or not.

AND, i AM grateful that one of the hosts took the time to communicate with me — listening to me gripe; which just made me the asshole. And he remained polite and…

I’m signed up for next Monday night… do i have the cajones to show up? And “kill it”?

I hope to find out. Gratitude to the people who put up with people like me and continually put energy into holding open mics!