There are many things happening in my very busy, getting more complicated life.  Some of it is very good and I am very excited to be progressing forward.  It is very good, but is also keeping me very busy.  So I am very grateful that my family is at a place within their own lives, that I am not needed constantly; they are growing up and able to handle quite a bit on their own.  This also means that the time that I do spend with them is extra special.  I love that my daughter enjoys going to baseball games, car shows and the beach; I can’t think of any better way to spend time with her, maybe refereeing a soccer game together.

I am happy that this career that I have created for myself is constantly in a good state of progression.  I continue to learn and I am rewarded for it.  It really is fun watching other people succeed with some of my help and then watching companies grow and succeed as well.  I enjoy creating; and creating success, especially my own, is truly a fun endeavor.  Once again, this does keep me busy.

I am sorry to say that my mother in-law is experiencing quite a bad bout of illness, very severe and is life threatening.  Unfortunately it is not just one thing, it is several.  It has just happened suddenly.  There may have been signs, but nothing that the doctors had noticed or any of us that are not trained in medicine would notice.  So as it is, she needs more help than ever right now and I have taken it upon myself to make sure that she receives it.  My first priority when I am at home is to make sure that her medication has been taken, she has eaten and she is comfortable and has all that she needs.  This keeps me very busy.

This past weekend I had planned on spending my entire Sunday afternoon, floating in the swimming pool with a cold beer in my hand.  Just a time to relax and recharge my batteries.  I think that it was 16:00 hours, (that is 4:00 p.m.), when I was finally able to make it into the water.  It was around 4:30 when my wife told me that one of our horses was down with colic.  I think that one of these days, I really will get to enjoy that pool.  I did spend an hour or so in the Spa on Sunday night, with a dram of top shelf tequila; the tequila was a gift from a gentleman that I do business with and making tequila is just one of his many talents.  It was a good night and I am grateful for it.

All of this said and all of this that is going on, I am truly grateful that several years ago I had brought back into my life, Tom Hart.  I consider him to be a brother in-law; but now he is a mentor, coach and friend as well.  Tom is the creator of the Success Series LLC and has his website .  It is because of Tom and his coaching and mentoring that I am able to handle everything that goes on in my life, with a positive and successful attitude.  So Tom, if I have not told you already, thank you for being there and for all that you do.

And now another gentleman who gave so much to the people around him, I wish that he had someone to help him in his times of need.  This is my tribute to you Mr. Robin Williams, for all of the things that you have done for us, both publicly and privately.  Please rest in Peace with the love of the lord surrounding you.