Right now I am grateful that I did not shut my computer off before writing this blog.  My weekly commitment will be completed!

So what am I grateful for this week?  A lot of different things!

Even though my mother in-law is back in the hospital, it sounds like this may be a short stay and she should be back home tomorrow.  I am grateful for that!

There are a lot of good things happening in my life right now; a lot to be grateful for.

So here it is, tonight my wife and I dined outside together, sitting out on the patio by the pool, listening to some good mellow music.  We were eating a fresh Steelhead trout, that was given to me by a peer from work; he had caught it earlier this summer.  I grilled it on our barbecue and it tasted great!  So that was nice, but the best part of the dinner was my wife acknowledging all of the things that I have been doing for her mom, while she has been ill and thanking me for doing it.  If you know my wife, this was huge!

So I am grateful for that!