Today I am grateful for friends and neighbors; people who are there when you call on them.  Not like Vito Corleone, who would expect a favor in return, but people who say, “you need help?  Sure thing, I am there for you.”

Today I had to replace one of our water heaters; it was sitting up on a pedestal and there was no way that I was going to lift the old one or new one without some help.  My two sons were were working this afternoon and evening, so they were not able to help me.  I asked my oldest son to call our neighbor boy to see if he was around and able to help me.  He was actually about twenty miles to the east of us, but he came over and helped.  Now I will have a hot shower in the morning.  Thank goodness I don’t have to wash my hair with the garden hose, like I did this morning.

Friends and neighbors, good people to have around!