The Gratefulness Series

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August 2014

Pillars that support

Today I am grateful for the people that I work with, who have my back and who support my efforts as I strive to make improvements within our company. Today I am grateful for family who are there when called… Continue Reading →

Waitin’ for the train that goes home

I’m grateful for rest today. And the trust I have in the big picture that supports me in knowing that everything is alright.

I almost forgot….

Right now I am grateful that I did not shut my computer off before writing this blog.  My weekly commitment will be completed! So what am I grateful for this week?  A lot of different things! Even though my mother… Continue Reading →

It is pretty simple

There are many things happening in my very busy, getting more complicated life.  Some of it is very good and I am very excited to be progressing forward.  It is very good, but is also keeping me very busy.  So… Continue Reading →

The tears of a clown, when…

What a day; what a day… I worked fairly hard today — and I’m not done yet… what did I earn today? Monetarily speaking; nothing. Got a lot completed. But money in the bank? Zero. And then I was looking… Continue Reading →


Today I am grateful for friends and neighbors; people who are there when you call on them.  Not like Vito Corleone, who would expect a favor in return, but people who say, “you need help?  Sure thing, I am there… Continue Reading →

another year older and closer to death

i recently had an experience of looking out over the whole world, taking it all in at once. i saw a masterpiece; the violence and pain bringing in highlights and shadows that pushed the artistry to a masterful level —… Continue Reading →

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