This is a confusing week for me.  There is so much that I am grateful for, I have written about them all and everyday I am able to add to that list; but this week I received some news about the health of a family member that wasn’t very good and was very disturbing.  So while I am grateful for all that I have been given I am also upset about the news that I received earlier this week.

I read a bumper sticker this week that stated, “God, Family, Country, in that order”, it gave me pause and I thought, that is a pretty good credo to live by.  So I pray to our creator for guidance and help for my family and friends, I enjoy the moments that I have with my family and I respect my country and all who reside here.

I am grateful for the knowledge that I have and the ability to expand that knowledge.  I am grateful for my family and friends and the time that I spend with them.

So even though it is a very sad and confusing time for me, I am still very, very grateful.http://