This week I will admit that I have been just a little stressed and probably quick to temper, (realized this in a conversation that I had with my brother this afternoon).  While conversing with my brother, I was reminded of how much I am very similar to my father.  That is not such a bad thing, except that my father died before he turned sixty and I believe that it was stress that did him in; that and the fact that he had lived a very full, wonderful life and I believe that he was ready to go meet his maker.  In my father’s mind his maker was a little old black lady.  He was probably correct, because only a little old lady could love what we, the human race, have done to each other and to this world; my grandmother loved all of us and accepted anyone for who they were, so God must be a grandmother as well.

Let me get back to the subject of what I am grateful for.  As I stated in my first sentence, just a little stressed this week and knowing how it affected my father, I really try hard not to stress.  So this evening when I arrived at my house, from a full day of work, I lit the burners on my grill outside, threw some meat on it, put on some music, opened a cold beer and looked around my back yard.  The swimming pool, crystal clear blue, surrounded by the flowers and trees that my wife has planted, beyond that the vineyard that surrounds our house and then rising out past the vineyard, the foothills of the Altamont, golden yellow, it was absolutely beautiful and very calming.  I am very lucky and very, very grateful that I am living where I do.

The calming effect of all of my surroundings was much needed and appreciated by me and probably by my eldest son as well, since when he came home from his job I told him to grab a chair and let’s have a conversation.  He wanted to know what it was that I wanted to converse about?  “Life”, I told him.  “I want to talk about life.”

God Bless to All!  Especially in these crazy times.