Well once again, it has been an interesting week.  Many things have happened that could truly frustrate a person.  Does anyone remember the children’s book…boy, show my age here, because I cannot remember the title.  It was about a boy who had terrible things happen to him, but then something good would happen.  It was something like, “I was rowing my boat in the ocean when it sprang a leak and started to sink; but fortunately I had my life preserver that kept me afloat.  As I was floating a shark started to circle me, but fortunately another boat came by and picked me up.”  Well it has been that type of week for me. Last Thursday, about a mile from my house a belt broke on my cars engine broke, this caused the water pump to stop working and caused the engine to get hot.  Fortunately I was only a mile from my house and I made it home safely.  My wife is a school teacher so she is not working currently due to the Summer break, so I drove her car to work on Friday.  On Monday and Tuesday my facility was being audited and the auditor stayed at a hotel two miles from my house, so I just rode with him in the rental car on those two days.  Today I had AAA tow my car to the mechanic and I drove my mother in-law’s car to work.  The audit went very well, thank you for asking.

On Monday a good friend of mine asked me if I would be able to do him a favor and visit one of his customers here in Northern California; it seems that the customer wanted to increase the space in their warehouse and hopefully by doing so increase the productivity of the receiving crew.  Well the only day that I had open this week was Wednesday, so I visited the warehouse, but it was after the receiving hours, so I really did not get to see the operation.  I didn’t want to tell my friend’s customer, but I don’t think there is much of an opportunity to do want he has envisioned.  I took some photos and sent them to my friend and he replied to me, that he didn’t think there was going to be much increase in space or productivity.  That was a nice validation for me, but I am going to go back and watch the receiving team in action, at least to get a better understanding of what they are doing and then maybe some other ideas will come to me on how I can help them.  The good news is this is the type of work that I truly enjoy; helping others improve their inefficiencies.

When I arrived home from working yesterday, I went over to my mother in-law’s house to give her the mail and daily newspaper; well there was my wife, daughter, brother in-law and two paramedics, wheeling my mother in-law out the door and into the ambulance.  There is a very long back story to this, but my mother in-law was nauseous and in pain, from a surgery that she had the week before, so the nurse that visited her, thought that she should go to the hospital.  So what is the good news?  My mother in-law, right now at this time, actually feels more comfortable in the hospital.  So she is sleeping better there and it may be better for her.  What ever makes her more comfortable, she should have.

Driving home today, once again, the hills were just beautiful.  It reminded me of how lucky I am to be living where I do and that life is what you make of it.  So I arrived home, swam my laps and sat down for some cheese, crackers and wine; a great dinner on a hot afternoon.  So yes, there has been a lot to frustrate me, but then again I am very blessed as well.