Today I picked my mother up from the airport, she is here for a couple of days; my middle child will graduate from High School tomorrow.  So today on my mom’s birthday, I gathered her from the airport and then proceeded to take her on a quick tour of downtown Hayward, she hasn’t been there since it was revamped, we then went to lunch and back to the ol’ homestead.  So I am so very grateful that my mother is able to still travel and is healthy and very active, even at her young age of 27?  She said she was 27 today.

I am also so very grateful that I have  an appreciation for music.  What kind of music?  Any kind; it really depends on what my mood is.  My music list includes AC/DC, The Who, Black Sabbath, Hank Williams, Les Paul, Dick Dale, Beethoven, Brad Paisley and even the Dead Kennedy’s and so much more.  I like jazz.  I like classical.  I like rock.  I like celtic.  I like country.  I like music.  So as I work and I drive and work in the yard, you can bet that I have some music on.  A song will come on and it will spark some forgotten memory, a smile and then back to work.  Just the other day, my brother and I were talking about the first time that we listened to Van Halen’s first album, (on vinyl, no less).  I remember listening to Running with the Devil and thinking, “wow that rocks”, then Eruption came on next and “Oh MY GOD”  What is that?  Nobody played the guitar like Eddie Van Halen did at that time.  Game changer.  My brother said that was the same reaction that he had when I played Bambi by Prince, for him.  Until he heard that song, he was, “Prince, whatever”; then he heard Bambi and was “Wow, Prince can Rock!”  That was from Prince’s debut album as well.   Music and memories.  Great stuff and it makes life so much better; and I am grateful for that.