I just returned home from spending an evening at the Alameda County Fair.  It was a very pleasant evening, spent with my wife and daughter.  We like going to the fair, looking at the animals, both large and small; looking at the exhibits, it really is fun and an inexpensive way to spend some quality time with the family.  We finished the night watching Eddie Money and his band perform in a very intimate amphitheater; no seat is a bad one.  Eddie Money is getting a little older and it shows, but his band is still tight and Eddie is still quite the performer.  He was having fun up on stage and interacting with the crowd.  He also promoted a foundation, raising money for our troops, giving recognition to them as well; it was really cool to see.

Next week I am volunteering at a local golf tournament where the proceeds will go to the Taylor Family Foundation.  I am really happy to be able to help out with this function.  So I would like to thank the Fremont Rodent Society for sponsoring it and the Taylor Family Foundation and all of the people there, for all of the work that they do at their camp and elsewhere as well.

There are good people all over this world, making it a better place and it would probably be much better if we all just shut off our televisions and didn’t pay any attention to the press at all.

Have a great week!