This week has been a miserable one for me.  For the first time in two years, I have been dealing with a head cold.  Not fun and it certainly does not make me happy.  I have avoided my computer all week, just focusing on getting some rest and getting rid of this misery.  I am doing some volunteer work for the Taylor Family Foundation tomorrow, Friday the 27th and then I have eight soccer games that I am going to referee or assistant referee beginning tomorrow and finishing up on Sunday.  If this cold decided to stick around through the weekend, it would not be fun.  So today I stayed home from work so that I could watch the United States of America play against Germany in the World Cup Group G, first round.  I watched the game and then back to bed.

So here it is, Thursday evening and I am really feeling much better.  If I get to bed early tonight and get  a good nights sleep, I believe that I will actually feel much better and look forward to a weekend full of running around on the soccer field.

I am grateful that the USA men’s soccer team held Germany to only one goal and that they are moving to the next round of the World Cup tournament and I am really grateful that I am feeling much better this evening.  If the wind dies down and the sun decides to stay out, this will be a truly fun weekend.