Today I am very grateful for the people who I know and whom I work with.  I had two situations happen today where my ability to network helped get the job done.  So I have one customer who is more than happy; a new customer who could be worth quite a bit of revenue to the company and then I have another customer who is a little less than happy, but who knows that given the last-minute notice that I was given, there may be a chance for a miracle, but if not, I have done all that I can, short of driving to Colorado over night, myself.

What was it that Bill and Ted would say, “Be excellent to everybody.”  In this middle part of my life, (I plan on living for quite a while), I really do try to be nice and positive to everyone.  The old work adage, “don’t burn your bridges”, yep that works as well.  If you do things for people, without any expectation of a reward in return, when it becomes your time to ask for a favor, you may be surprised at just how much your return on the favor is.  In both cases today, it was two different teams working on two separate situations, working for one result… one happy customer.  I truly do appreciate all of the help and suggestions that I received today.  For that I am grateful.