One of those times, when I wonder, what should I write about, that I am grateful for?  I grateful that my brother had to throw me a $10 addition to my coffee drinking account…yes, but that is at his expense; besides, I have plenty of coffee at the office.

What I feel grateful for right now is that I am learning more and more, everyday on how to be a positive person.  It is so much easier to be positive and enjoy life, than it is to be negative and miserable regarding life.  What is that old saying, it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.  Being that I am rather lazy naturally, I would rather do less work and smile.

Now let’s throw the Law of Attraction into this mix, look up Napoleon Hill and the  Law of Attraction.  I truly believe that positive will attract positive and therefore negative will attract negative.  I would rather have more positive actions in my life.  I can honestly say that since I have figured this out, my life has improved.  I am not saying that there are no longer any sad moments or times when I am upset, there are; but I would rather try to find a positive even in those situations as well.

An example of that would be:  yesterday would have been my maternal grandmothers 101st birthday.  I was very sad when she passed away two years ago; and even a little upset with myself for not driving the hour and half to see her more often, in her last year alive.  Then I realized that I was able to spend most of my life, so far, with her.  I lived with her and my grandfather, while I attended Sac State.  I remember bowling with her and my cousins, when we were wee little tykes; her baking fresh Easter Bread in her coffee cans and fresh fudge at Christmas.  Watching baseball games with her on the television, while she kept score in her score book.  She may no longer be here, alive, but I have wonderful memories of her.  She was also a phenomenal teacher.  She could be stubborn, without a doubt, but she rarely passed judgment on anyone.  She excepted people for who they were.

So today I am grateful for my continued learning, in this life and my ability to see, just how wonderful things really are.