This past Sunday, here in the USA, it was Mother’s Day.  A “holiday” that I am sure was created by Hallmark Cards, to boost their sales in the months between Valentine’s Day and the Fourth of July, although I have never received or given a card for the Fourth of July.  So it was Mother’s Day; I made brunch for my wife and her mother and I didn’t argue when my wife said that she was going to go to the most expensive nursery here in town, to purchase a new fruit tree for our property.  My mother now resides in Nicaragua so I was not able to spend any time with her.  I did call her and we spoke for about five minutes.

It really had me thinking today, about my mother and the way that she and my father raised us children.  I think that anyone who really knew my family and especially my mom, would agree that we were not your typical American Suburban family.  Far from it.  Has anyone, other than the members of my family, every heard of Arcosanti in Arizona?  I traveled there more than once as a child.  It is that our parents allowed us to experience many different things.  At the time that I was experiencing them, I probably had less appreciation for them then, than I do now.  My mother also drove a twenty-four foot motor-home around the country one summer, with her parents, ( my grandparents ), my three siblings and myself.  My father would fly into a city every now and then and join us for a bit of the trip.  I cannot imagine my wife doing that with our children, not without me doing the driving; she hates driving into the next town.  What an experience though.  I would like to do that same trip with my family.

Even after I graduated from High School, my mother has always encouraged me.  She has encouraged me to be me!  She has encouraged and supported me whenever I started one of my businesses.  I believe that it was she, who helped me acquire my first computer when I started my Bar Supply business;  it was complete with the invoicing and accounting software that I needed to run my business; this was before Windows.  She continues to love me, guide me and support me in my endeavors, even when she is way south of my border.  She is always physically here, when the family needs her.  She may be a bit opinionated and sometimes she can also be very stubborn ( it is in her family genes ), but everyday, I am grateful for my mother.