A hawk just landed on the telephone pole outside my window… which brings up so many blessings; the fact that I am working with a window right in front of me that opens to such natural beauty—and then this beauty, taking a break from the air where the crows were giving (him? her?) chase, lands on the pole.

And I am given a breath; a moment—reminded of the blessings in the immediacy of my life. Not imagined gifts of the future…

Now I am finishing this post several, almost 12, hours after today’s experience with the hawk. These moments of pure beauty are so fleeting; they are almost dream-like. It is in memory that the hawk now lives, and as I didn’t have anyone around to share the experience with—it is ungrounded, already becoming a dream of “past tense”.

Perhaps this is one of the deep keys of life; our reality relies on others. Without shared experience, it remains etheral—within the realm of possibilities…

Dare I say it?

…like tear drops in the rain

Love really is something when you give it away.

I can only hope in this moment, that somewhere there is a hawk, who knows that I was gifted by its presence today. And in that knowing; we are real.