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May 2014

It is not what you expected

This afternoon I spent my first time working as a volunteer for the VA Hospital in Livermore.  I received a phone call from someone in their Social Services Department earlier this week, asking if I would be able to accompany… Continue Reading →

simple things

this morning… i am grateful that i’ve done this post for the wind outside for the light of the sun on green leaves of trees my children their mom my family the smell of coffee that i did alright last… Continue Reading →

I forget…

I remembering saying “I forget” to my father, more than once in my short life with him.  I can only imagine how frustrated he must have been, every time that I had said that to him.  Why do I bring… Continue Reading →

Hawk Outside My Window

A hawk just landed on the telephone pole outside my window… which brings up so many blessings; the fact that I am working with a window right in front of me that opens to such natural beauty—and then this beauty,… Continue Reading →

Mama Mia

This past Sunday, here in the USA, it was Mother’s Day.  A “holiday” that I am sure was created by Hallmark Cards, to boost their sales in the months between Valentine’s Day and the Fourth of July, although I have… Continue Reading →

wild care

Yesterday, I found a baby bird outside of RiteAid in Mill Valley. Rescuing it was so simple. A cart of small boxes was just inside RiteAid. AND… WildCare – an animal rescue center in San Rafael – was an easy… Continue Reading →

The Network Works

Today I am very grateful for the people who I know and whom I work with.  I had two situations happen today where my ability to network helped get the job done.  So I have one customer who is more… Continue Reading →

hey brother

i wish i wasn’t such a dick to my siblings when i was growing up — i missed out on a great opportunity to be a true brother… i guess i am grateful now for the opportunities given today to… Continue Reading →

Positively Attractive

One of those times, when I wonder, what should I write about, that I am grateful for?  I grateful that my brother had to throw me a $10 addition to my coffee drinking account…yes, but that is at his expense;… Continue Reading →

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