Does anyone remember that show on ABC?  Well today I am grateful for televised sports.  Yep, I really am.  This year is going to be fantastic!  We started with the Winter Olympics in February and they were okay; I think that NBC has done a better job in the past.  I really enjoy watching European (soccer) Futbol on the weekends; between the EPL, La Liga and Serie A, there are some very good games to watch.  We now have the UEFA tournament going on, which allows me to watch some of the teams from the Bundes League; and now the MLS has started up here in the USA.  I really enjoy watching the referee’s in these games, watching where they position themselves and what they call versus what they don’t call.  This summer I will be taking some time off from work so that I can watch some World Cup Soccer; I can’t wait!

While I sit here typing this, I am listening to the Oakland Athletics versus the Seattle Mariners; earlier today I listened to the Giants against the Diamond Backs.  Baseball season has begun!  This will take us all the way into October and sometime before that, football (American Style) will begin.  I like baseball season, because my teenage daughter likes watching certain players, so she is the vote that out-weighs my wife’s vote, when I turn a game on.

Yep I am a sport watching type of guy.  I think that I inherited it from my Grandfather Stark.  Thanks Pop!