This past week I took a quick trip to Southern California to have and celebrate a Passover Seder and dinner with one of my father’s best friends family.  My father passed away 23 years ago and his best friend passed away just three years ago.  These two gentlemen met when they were still bachelors, working in Cheyenne Wyoming; since they were best friends, well it was a given that their sons, who were only four months apart in age, would become best friends as well.  Not many people can say that they have a friend that they have known their entire life; I can say that about two.  For that I am grateful for as well.

My father’s friend escaped from Nazi Germany when he was 13; he lost his family and eventually made his way to the United States of America.  To say that Passover and the story of the Hebrew Peoples exodus from Egypt was important to him, is an understatement.  When he passed away three years ago, timing was right for me to join my friend and his remaining family for Passover dinner.  It was a very emotional event for all of us.  It was then that I decided and stated that to honor my father and his best friend, that I would make this trip every year.  It is like having Passover dinner with my own family, because that is what they are.  When you know someone that long, how can they be anything else but family.

I am grateful that I am able to make this trip and this year, my older brother and his family happened to be there as well.  It really was a family event; twenty-four people, family and friends joined in celebration and remembrance.  It was a great night, a good trip and I am very grateful that I was able to make it.