I have goals that I have set for myself, throughout my life.  I am happy to say that I have achieved quite a few of these goals; enough that if I were to die in my sleep tonight, I could look my Lord in the eyes and say that I am proud of my life and that it has been a good life.  What I have found is that when I reach or attain a certain goal, there is always a new one that comes along to take its place.  I call this, continuing education.

I love education!  I like to learn new things and new ways to do old things.  I believe that this is human nature; and you thought that cats were curious.  I am constantly reading, listening and watching.  I find it funny when some company that is looking to fill a management position, insists that the job candidates have some formal degree from an accredited college.  I think that a person learns a whole lot more from life, than they do from a book.   Now I do think that college education is good and you definitely can learn a lot there; but I think that practicing life, teaches you more.

So I keep running and searching and educating myself.