My youngest child, my precious angel, who is a freshman in high school, has decided that she would join the diving team at the school.  My daughter is a good swimmer and she does enjoy surfing on a long board in mellow waves, but diving?  I would have never guessed.  So she has been going to practices and she is learning how to dive competitively.  I figured that she would be afraid of bouncing of the end of a springing board; but every day, I would show up to her practice about ten minutes before the end, just to watch her.  Every day I saw improvement.

Today was the first diving meet against other schools; and what a way to start!  The team is competing against De La Salle for the boys and Corondalet for the girls.  Two very exclusive private schools.  You may have heard of De La Salle for their varsity football team; they are always ranked in the top ten for the country and they currently hold the record for the longest undefeated streak.  I believe it was around 267 games without a loss.  The coach felt that Jessica was not ready to compete at the varsity level, but he asked her to show up to the meet, so that she could witness the way that a meet flows and how the judges score.

So we, my daughter and I, drove up to De La Salle this afternoon to watch the meet and to cheer the other divers on.  It was about the middle of the meet, that my daughter turned to me and said, “my confidence is getting much better”.  I guess that in diving, you are scored from 0 to 10; the worse the dive, the lower the score.  There were three judges and there were a lot of 3’s and 4’s given.  This was a varsity meet and everyone made a mistake at some point.  There were even some belly flops.

I am grateful that my daughter is expanding her athletic horizon and that the coach asked her to watch a meet before competing in one.  Now she has two weeks to learn six different dives.