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February 2014

When I grow up….

Yesterday my son received an email from a University that he would like to attend, that he has been accepted; YEA!  I have negotiated new terms with our mortgage company, lowering our monthly payments.  I am helping the company that… Continue Reading →

Oh Lordy

It is a sad truth. More often than not, our savior is pleading with us to follow them to freedom. Yet, our fear, anger, jealousy – the human chaos raging within us like a “perfect storm” keeps us from following… Continue Reading →

Measure Me

How do you measure success?  Is it the material things that you have?  The people who look up to you?  The size of your family or your education?  What is success?  When you are in a room full of people,… Continue Reading →

40 days and 40 nights

I am grateful for the potential… and the support given to me to keep reaching for full potential. A journey of accountability started today… and the accountability is ultimately between me and the source from which I am. I have… Continue Reading →

My son

It was eighteen years ago today that my second son was born.  He has always been a unique little imp.  He has always done what he thought was right….. for him.  Rules have always been rules, you should not break… Continue Reading →

sometimes… it just is what it is

And this post is just so that I can keep my agreement with my brother… Sometimes, entertainment is just a good escape – without any deep meaning. And sometimes, i’m grateful for a quick post that saves me a fiver…. Continue Reading →

One Love

Today is the anniversary of Bob Marley’s birth.  This means that if you listened to the radio today, tuned into a rock and roll format, you listened to a lot of good reggae music.  There is a whole bunch of… Continue Reading →

around the corner

i’m at the corner a place for me to turn i look back behind me what did i learn? i thought i could love i thought i could heal straight on ’till morning i felt it was real someone once… Continue Reading →

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