The Gratefulness Series

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January 2014

no boundries

tonight, i appreciate the manner in which one takes more and more responsibility for oneself… solving the mystery of how to be willful and humble at the same time truth

I wonder….ful

These past two days I have truly been blessed with two incredible sun rises.  I mean the great creator really had his “Art” on!  I thought how blessed am I that I get to witness this incredible beauty.  Then driving… Continue Reading →

All things great and small

If you are looking for acknowledgement and gratification from someone other than yourself.  Why?   Look within!  Are you satisfying yourself?  What would you like to do?  Would you like to be better at something?  What do you need to… Continue Reading →

jump and hang

today, a friend is walking the streets of Beverly Hills to work… and a young naked body throws itself from the 10th floor traumatized (she don’t live here any more) i guess for this post, i am grateful for my… Continue Reading →

what a beautiful mess

a man sat on a chair, beer in hand he thinks back to when he was younger and thought he’d be a good father, a good husband, a good friend his feeling good seems like it was a long time… Continue Reading →

something to live for

a beating heart a sound mind a yearning for the divine i am grateful for who i am in this moment… as a gentleman at a bus stop said to me this morning, “you have a lot to be grateful… Continue Reading →

an honor… a silly one at that – yes?

I am grateful to have the honor of posting on this very first day of 2014, the first post in our blog for this year. It is a silly stance on my part. There is no real honor here; no… Continue Reading →

It is a New Year

Well on this first day of the New Year, 2015, I am grateful that the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl are both on New Year’s Day, where they belong!  I am grateful that there is some sort of a playoff… Continue Reading →

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