Today I am grateful for opportunities!

There are so many opportunities in life; especially if you keep your eyes, ears and heart open.  Listen to your voice that says “Yes” and ignore the one that gives you so many more reasons, why you can’t or shouldn’t.

Usually at about this time of year, I am done with refereeing soccer.  The recreation leagues have ended their season, unless a team has made it to the State Cup tournaments.  I never really wanted to or was never asked to referee beyond the regular season.  This year I have worked hard to improve my “game” as a referee; and now I am doing some State Cup games as well as refereeing some high school games.  I love it.  I really enjoy watching good soccer games; and there is no better seat than running with the players on the field.

Professionally, one of my previous bosses has decided that he is going to pull back from his work load and take up a different position with the company.  I understand his wanting to do this, but it means that I will no longer have the direct support of this individual on a daily basis….or will I.  When I found out about the changes that were happening, I picked up the phone and made several phone calls, within my company.  There are some opportunities out there and I saw them and listened to my heart as it told me YES!

So you may be thinking that you are being held down, that life is just kicking you around, and if this is the case, you need to open your eyes and see it differently.  Life is just preparing you up for your next step up.