today i’m awoken by my youngest one dancing into the room with lizzie and i, letting us know it is time to get up…

and they gave us an extra 20 minutes!

a little regular quiet time, then downstairs to see if santa came. He did! and the reindeer came in, too!!

a lot of gratitude by all seven recipients of santa’s gifts… three kids, a grandpa, two dogs and a hamster.

waffles, orange juice, warm maple syrup melting the butter…

then? upstairs for a quick morning nap… gratitude for stairs! (you’ll hafta ask)

awakened by bodhi letting me know niel (genius artist friend) has arrived for the traditional christmas day visit; prompting coffee w/ peppermint cocoa and naughty cake.

the traditional throwing of the chocolate coins at the christmas tree — if they “stick”, your wish will come true… and lola has arrived in time for some coin tossing.

coming inside from saying bye to niel to be greeted by my brother and sister-in-law; fleche and katy. and we play a rousing game of disney hedbanz game – a gift from my other sister-in-law, mary. (yes, i think she is related to jesus)

dinner: ham, salad, roasted potatoes, and brussel sprouts… more sweets & treats. more brother-in-law and sister-in-law visits (matthew and sarah) and a visit from a niece…

and then we’re off to the movies to see “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. Thoroughly enjoyed; loved being with family.

my gift for liz is well received 🙂

and never once did i change out of my jammies