The Gratefulness Series

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December 2013

New and Old…

This past week, on Sunday, I celebrated my birthday.  What has now become a tradition, because it has happened two years in a row, my wife and I went to the movies and dinner with another couple, whose company I… Continue Reading →

grateful for nothing at all

today i’m awoken by my youngest one dancing into the room with lizzie and i, letting us know it is time to get up… and they gave us an extra 20 minutes! a little regular quiet time, then downstairs to… Continue Reading →

Cole Mathew Bent Memorial – May 31, 2013

Tonight’s the night…

Right now at this very moment, I am grateful that I remembered that it is Thursday and that I needed to complete and post this blog, ( I hate buying coffee for my brother).  With all of the soccer games… Continue Reading →


i am very grateful tonight… that i am happy right now and my joy in life is because of all the wonderful people i’ve been honored to meet, know, visit with, communicate/call, be next to, challenged by, hear about, read… Continue Reading →

What is new?

Today I am grateful for opportunities! There are so many opportunities in life; especially if you keep your eyes, ears and heart open.  Listen to your voice that says “Yes” and ignore the one that gives you so many more… Continue Reading →


softly falling flakes of white whisper secrets in moonlight straining to hear; forward i lean needing to catch their meaning between the phrases left up in the sky and seeded forests by the by futures of friends i cannot see… Continue Reading →

It all works out.

Today is my wife’s birthday; I am grateful for that first,today. I had worried that I would not be able accomplish all that I wanted to do this evening as well as spend time with my wife. I really had… Continue Reading →


Tonight I am super grateful for friends… friends that are family, friends that are friends. some that i don’t always see eye to eye with. some i rarely see eye to eye with.. however? all of you are the treasure… Continue Reading →

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