The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


November 2013

patience & forgiveness

it is what I am grateful for in this moment happy thanks giving!


No title, no thoughts, just grateful.  I am healthy, living in a great house, with my wonderful family.  I am able to drive to work in my car that just keeps on running; my job really is not that hard,… Continue Reading →

almost home

i don’t know… sometimes; what is there to be grateful for? I woke up this morning feeling quite small – like I didn’t belong… and no amount of dreaming and wishing; more importantly, no amount of action on my part… Continue Reading →

the lime!

few things in life i can deny one of them is key lime pie believe me, my friend i’m willing to die for a chill slice of key lime pie whipped cream on top? it can be so but the… Continue Reading →

May I change my mind?

Today I am grateful for opportunities.  I think that I may have said this before.  This has been a very full week.  Much has happened; some good, some not so good.  Friends and pets that have been lost, and yet… Continue Reading →

what ever it is; i like it

what ever it is that compels us to push on when we are exhausted… what ever it is that allows us to continue when hope seems to have disappeared… and ya know what? i don’t even care that this vid… Continue Reading →

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