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October 2013

This is Life #2?

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in 1/2 an hour…

oh, yes… it is that time again… the veil is thin the familiar family from fathoms beyond the physical i am grateful for halloween—a time when we may embrace our dark side… the shadows that we turn from all year… Continue Reading →

Is it Life?


just enough… for another step

what do i see all around me? trails and tribulations—pain ‘nd sorrow sometimes hard to see a reason for tomorrow rents and mortgages due struggling to see the reasoning in the rule and what do i see? another sunny sunrise… Continue Reading →

Today I am grateful for the open-mindedness that I possess, that allows me to take life as it comes at me; or taking it as it is.  I don’t have a lot to say about that.  Life comes at you… Continue Reading →

days like these

it is imminent that i shall cease to exist and i will no longer be what i never was my imagined sense of being will roll in long credits across a white, wide screen and we will know the end… Continue Reading →

Well alright….

What am I grateful for today, I don’t really know off hand.  It has been a trying week.  There are work struggles and some personal struggles that just make it a challenge to remain positive.  Then I receive an email… Continue Reading →

lizzie d :-)

on this day, 47 years ago… one of my most loving, most challenging teachers was born i am grateful for the time, love and energy she gives me i am grateful for her in my life—even when i’m not happy… Continue Reading →

never never land

tonight i am grateful for the children allowed to be children… it is amazing that it takes a man and a woman to create a new being on this planet because i see a lot of evidence around that it… Continue Reading →

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