Tonight, as i am ready for bed, I am grateful for the soup that Lizzie made today. It is a rich, vegetable and lentil soup; completely homemade. A veggie broth as the base and then carrots, celery, I think there is corn — vegetables of variety — and lots of lentils.

This hearty soup comes as the fog has hung thickly in our valley; a changing of seasons. And there are some itchy throats and runny noses in our household. Nothing major mind you, just slight warnings of the changing of the seasons to a time of slowing down. Longer nights and colder climates.

It is a time notoriously when the immune system is challenged. And I have read that lentils are rich in nutrients to help bolster one’s biological immune system… So I am grateful to be in a relationship with someone that is providing the right meal at the right time.

And I’m grateful for her soup…

What a gift! Thanks Lizzie 🙂