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September 2013

Team Work

These past two days have been very eventful for me personally; and through it all, I have come to a realization.  I am very good at what I do, professionally!  There are very few people, that I have met, that… Continue Reading →

a perfect day today

a perfect dream of a love long gone her husband’s name, not remembered in song and it’s not for tryin’ that it didn’t come through and it won’t be dyin’, to live what’s true a phone call of one; the… Continue Reading →

It is almost over….

Well, fall is just a couple of days away and summer is almost over.  We are heading into the time of the year that I dislike the most.  I  am not a big fan of the fall; so what do… Continue Reading →

glad i remembered…

I am grateful i remembered to do this post… before heading off to the last star on the right; straight on ’till morning… (computer was off, lights out – and jonah and i were slugging each other in our sometimes… Continue Reading →


Help is on the way!

First let me just say, that today was a very good day.  I did  some cold calling, sales calls and I enjoyed it.  My hope is to pick up a new customer of two and generate some more capital into… Continue Reading →

Soup’s on!

Tonight, as i am ready for bed, I am grateful for the soup that Lizzie made today. It is a rich, vegetable and lentil soup; completely homemade. A veggie broth as the base and then carrots, celery, I think there… Continue Reading →

always hope

(am i cheating by only posting this song? it really does say it all for me right now… this is what i am grateful for. with our imagination, all things imagined are possible… imagine peace)


Even though I appreciate older cars and houses and even music (for the most part), I must say that I do love some new technology. I went to the Scottish Games this past weekend with my seven-year old nephew; we… Continue Reading →

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