This morning I am sitting at my desk working and I am blessed with watching the sun come up.  Once again I am amazed at just how beautiful the Livermore Valley is.  This whole week the mornings have been overcast, but today as I sit here, there is not a cloud in the sky and it is just an amazing view.  This day has to be great, starting off like this!

Sunday my fourteen year old daughter accompanied me to watch the Oakland Athletics take on the Los Angeles of Anaheim Angels (what ever happened to the California Angels?); it was a great game and an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  We both had a good time and it was nice to be able to spend that time with my daughter.

I do have some things that bother me currently, but these two things remind me that these troubles will pass, if I continue to work on solving them; and even though there are some troubles, Life is still Wonderful.