right now, i want to write about my solid, good friend, Chris Furbee. First off, I’d like to direct you to his current fund-raiser; raising funds to complete his 18 year documentation of his life with Huntington’s disease.

i watch the footage of his mother, sometimes i see other footage of people with HD… i am witnessing the plausible future of one of my closest friends in my life. Ha! how does one hold that? More importantly, how does Chris hold that?

Well, however we who are close to Chris are holding it – he is holding it exponentially more so. If I am brave in being with the reality of his future—he is 10x as brave – or more… how do we even define such reality?

for his strength, his support, his big heart – his friendship, integrity and honesty in his life… tonight I am grateful for my friend, Chris Furbee.

now – i think you should head over to his campaign and make a donation… but really, what do i know? watch the two videos below then do what you know is best to do…