Ah the first week of school!  Finally my family has a legitimate excuse for not doing the chores that I have asked them to do!  😉

My two youngest children are now both in High School; one is in his last year and one is just beginning her four-year journey through it.  Am I really that old?  I must be; but I don’t feel it and that is good.  My daughter just finished a course and passed her test becoming an official Grade 8 USSF soccer referee.  She and I officiated our first game together on Sunday.  She did alright for her first game.  She was able to see first hand, why in class and in our Pre-game conversation, we say some the things that we do; like follow the ball all of the way down to the goal line.   I am very proud of her.

I was reminded today at work that communication is extremely important and how you communicate defiantly affects those around you.  The ripple effects of someone not communicating up front and honestly, can send a ripple through the waters; and then when that ripple hits the other side of the lake, it may be a wave and no longer a ripple.  Best to communicate early and honestly.  I will strive to achieve this, always.

I am happy for the personal coaching that I receive from Tom Hart at the Success Series; it has helped me focus on what is important as I struggle with life situations; and I am grateful for my brother Greg, as he and I remind each other of these life lessons and how to deal with them.

Stay positive my friends!