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August 2013


Today it is all about the people that I work with.  The people who support what I do and who have the courage to tell me that I am wrong.  (No one has ever told me that; because I am… Continue Reading →

the buzz i am chasing

i am grateful for the vision, the buzz, that i pursue it is one of hope and light it is one of joy and peace it is not the darkness that still permeates my cell walls firing synapses recognized as… Continue Reading →


Ah the first week of school!  Finally my family has a legitimate excuse for not doing the chores that I have asked them to do!  😉 My two youngest children are now both in High School; one is in his… Continue Reading →


i shall unleash a fury and it will burn all that ails me when it’s gone what is left is real and shall grow to reach up into the heavens gates upon which fall tears of infinite joy and i… Continue Reading →

Sun, Sand and Surf

Yesterday I was able to spend the day with my wife, daughter and a nephew at a wonderful little beach, just south of Santa Cruz.  It was an absolutely beautiful day!  The sun was shining, the water wasn’t too cold… Continue Reading →

Walk me out…

I am grateful for Hope. The box was opened; curiosity eventually being too strong a pull to keep the lid closed tightly. And all the woes of the world were released. Didn’t hope exist even before the lid was lifted… Continue Reading →

Don’t know.

What can I tell you that you don’t already know?  I am grateful for my health, my family and my friends.  I am grateful for where I live and where I work.  I am grateful for the opportunities that life… Continue Reading →

friends – huntington’s dance

right now, i want to write about my solid, good friend, Chris Furbee. First off, I’d like to direct you to his current fund-raiser; raising funds to complete his 18 year documentation of his life with Huntington’s disease. i watch… Continue Reading →

What a day; what a life!

This morning I am sitting at my desk working and I am blessed with watching the sun come up.  Once again I am amazed at just how beautiful the Livermore Valley is.  This whole week the mornings have been overcast,… Continue Reading →

it’s late… i’m late… and we’re one

I’ll let my brother decide if I owe him five for this week’s post… i usually do my post as the last thing before going to bed – and tonight it is a late night. i’m grateful for every person… Continue Reading →

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