Only because my brother and I talked about it the other day; I am grateful that I was able to live with and sit and talk with my maternal grandfather during the last two years of his life.  There were so many wonderful stories about him as a young man growing up and living in Indiana and working in the Ford factory as well as in Campbell’s Soup factory, in Sacramento.  It was a great time for me, a lover of family and history.

Now moving on to the matter of my title.  This week I accomplished one of my major goals for 2013.  With some help from a corporate operations manager, we renamed every “bin location” in my warehouse this week.  This is no easy chore.  We went from an alpha system to a numerical system.  Now it will be much easier to run and read reports.  We still have some tweaking to do and fine tuning, but it will make life so much easier and more productive in the warehouse.  It will help tighten an already, pretty tight inventory.  So I am grateful that I set this goal for this year.  It is something that I have been talking about for the past year and a half, and a goal that I set to complete this year.  With some corporate influence and help, it is now complete.   Yay!!

Set your goals, focus and work to complete them.  I am grateful that I do and have.