So tacking onto what my brother posted about community.  Today I am grateful for the community that I work in, that helps pay my bills, keep my family sheltered and puts food and other things on the table.  That community is made up of the different companies that are under the Pool Corp umbrella.  I am in my ninth year with the company, which if you have known me longer than that, is truly amazing.  This is a great company to work for.  I have met many friends while working here.  Not just my peers, but vendors and customers  as well.  We all have each others back.

I am able to help people out while I work and therefore I am helped as well.  Earlier this year a friend was telling me that his son was not happy working as a Pest Control Applicator; so I called a manager at one of our Horizon Distributor locations and asked if he could use a Customer Service person who knew about pesticides.  My friend’s son was hired and is doing very well.  One of the SCP Sales Centers located near me, needed someone to work with home owners and contractors, selling tile and pool finishes.  One of my friends who worked as a landscaper and cement contractor was looking to have a more stable job, so I recommended him and now he is doing very well with the company as well.  Today a close friend, who I have known my entire life called me to tell me that he was closing one of his offices and warehouses in Southern California, and he really wished that he could find jobs for two of his employees.  I made a couple of phone calls to two different managers in the San Diego area and both of his employees will have interviews.  I love that I am able to help people succeed.

So how does this pay me back?  How am I helped?  The remote control on my swimming pool is not working; so I was asking one of the Account Reps from Pentair what he thought the problem might be.  He said that I needed to replace the control; a couple of weeks later, there was one sitting in my office for me.  Yesterday I saw this person again and I thanked him for the control, but I had to let him know, that it is not communicating with my main panel.  He asked me to email him my address and phone number; so I did.  This evening as I was working here at my desk at home, a pick-up truck pulled up my drive.  I didn’t recognize the truck or the driver.  The person who was in the truck said that he was here to repair my main panel, so that my new remote control would work.  Wow!  I just had the conversation yesterday, now someone was here to fix it!  On a warranty no less; it is costing me a glass of cold water.  Thank you to you both!

This is the community that I work in.  All of my peers and co-workers are constantly working to improve our relations, communities and world; and I am grateful to be working with them all.