HA! Besides being grateful that I remembered to do my weekly post—

I am grateful today for remembering that I am a part of an infinite whole; Life without end.

That sentence alone can take you down the rabbit hole pretty quickly, Alice… But let’s continue, shall we?

Left to my own devices, Peace would be a long time coming. By interacting with people who challenge and support my path (one in the same, no?); I believe I grow quicker.

Feelings of righteous anger (riotous anger?) I’d hold on to longer with out the friendly intervention of family, friends and foes.

Truly, I can step back and say—my actions are only that—simple actions… the results of my actions are something greater than me. Hmmmm… which perhaps can be construed as an excuse for not taking responsibility for one’s actions. au contraire

By living with the knowledge that I am an organic part of a larger living system… I’d no more want to hurt another then I would want to puch myself in the face.

I am reminded; all gratitude to the creation of life—to the creator of life. now my words fall short of the infinity I am aware of in my peripheral consciousness…