It was 15 years ago today… a small child was born and dramatically changed my life
I am grateful for so much with this being…
She is wise, kind-hearted, and currently doing her best to authentically navigate the murky waters of her teens.

She, as an infant, used to gently open my tired eyes—and I’d be greeted with a wonderful “yes”, embodied in the physical soul of Robyn Bri. It was pure joy in her smile—a smile that radiated life and celebrated the moment.

I see her still doing that—though now with a bit of the physical maturity that our world requires of us…

I am so grateful for the challenges and the joys of being her father… She is helping me to grow and I am a better person for it.

Time spent with this being is a gift; may she always know joy in the giving of her gifts.

I love you حَبيبي Habibi ~ Happy Birthday!