Once again, it is officially Summer time!  In the area of the world that I live in, the first two days of summer were mildly warm; it was nice.  The third day of summer, it cooled off and then the next two days it was cool and full of rain.  Not normal for this region and not what my expectations of summer should be, weather wise.  This morning the sun is rising, very bright.  The hills in the distance look like the facade off of a Hollywood film set and the vineyard is vigorous and green; absolutely beautiful.  Reports state that it will be over 100 degrees this weekend.  This is what I expect of summer.

I live in Northern California, but most of my heart still resides in Southern California; therefore I am happy that the Dodger’s just swept the Giants!

If you have followed this Blog for at least a year, you will know that this is my favorite time of year.  I find that I am in better spirits and generally more productive this time of year.  Have a great week and Surfs Up!