well, in this moment, i’m really grateful that i remembered to do my blog post… ’cause i almost forgot… ha ha, brother… that’s one cup ‘o joe you’re not getting 🙂

Today, during yoga practice, i once again found myself in a familiar state of mind; angry, pissed off, not happy—and thinking that the cause was outside of myself… the teacher’s “inane referencing to ‘tapas'”, the fact that my legs were quickly giving out… the fact that i hate physical exertion. well, okay—now with that last one i am getting a bit closer to the source of my disgruntled (to put it mildly) state of mind… yes, the common denominator is me.

SO… i said a little mantra during my practice tonight upon realizing that my mind, my state of being, was a tangled mess: “To the creator of tapas, I offer you light and love.” Oddly enough, i found my demeanor begin to soften; my anger diminish…

Papas got a brand new bag; tapas a bag.

and isn’t this a fine piece of cinema showing the importance of choice, of freedom— and of priority?