Today is June 6th; it was 19 years ago today, that my first child was born.  Like all first born children, he does his best to test the patience of his parents.  That being said, he is a great kid!  He is artistic, creative and has a great sense of humor.  I would like him to figure out what it is that he would like to pursue in this life; but he is only 19, he has time to figure that out.

Last week on the 31st of May, I attended the Funeral services of my too young (22 years old) nephew.  The whole day was just beautiful!  It really Captured all of Cole’s life; and there were many people there helping my sister and her immediate family celebrate his entire life.

Saturday night I enjoyed watching two friends who I grew up with, play at a local night club.  One band opened for the other.  These were gentlemen who I have known since the Third Grade; that was a long time ago.  There were a lot of other people from the old neighborhood there as well.  It was like an old neighborhood reunion.

For all of the above…. I am Grateful for.