Today is June 20th, we are six months into the year of 2013.  I have seven goals that I would like to accomplish this year.  Some are personal and some are professional.  Six months into the year, l think that it is a good time to look at my goals and check the status of each one.  Reality is, I check these goals almost every morning before I leave for work.

So most of the professional goals I am well on my way to having them completed.  I have a lot of support from my peers and from the corporate office.  This is good because I am pretty sure that one of my goals may upset the Director of my division.  Oh well, that will be his problem if it does bother him.  I still have the support of the corporate offices.

My personal goals….well if I accomplish my professional goals, I will have a much better chance of affording some of my personal goals.  We will just have to make it all happen.  No excuses, just moving forward.

It is this momentum that I have and am creating, that I am grateful for, today.