My brother and I started this blog as a way to share with each other and the world, things that we are grateful for.  Sometimes this is not an easy thing to do; not because we aren’t grateful, but I think that we don’t want to repeat ourselves too much.  We try very hard to keep it real and interesting.  Right now is one of those moments, where I do not have one specific thing in mind that I am grateful for. I could write about the incredible scene that I witnessed this evening, as the sun was setting.  I wish that I had a camera!  I didn’t see the sunset, rather looking out to the east, I saw the green of the vineyard, the golden yellow of the hills and then above the hills, the blue sky with the pink and purple clouds, hanging out there, reflecting the colors of the sunset.  Just magnificent! Or could write about being able to go swimming this past weekend, in my swimming pool. The weather was fantastic!  I don’t heat the pool and it was a very refreshing 78 degrees; the spa was heated to about 102 degrees.  That was nice and relaxing as well.  I swam some laps and then opened a cool one and then floated in my pool lounge; relaxing and enjoying the view around me.  I believe that my house is one of my favorite vacation spots. I also received a nice email from an old friend, who have not heard from in a while.  That just made my week.  Another friend has sent me some tickets to see the Oakland A’s, my favorite American League baseball team.  So I am grateful for the friends and family that I have as well….but wait, you have heard that already. Yep… I am grateful for Life!