Napoleon Hill wrote a book back in the late 1930’s called Think and Grow Rich.  In this book he talks about the Law of Attraction.  Other inspirational people have mentioned this as well, Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul as well as The Success Principles, is one of them.  Simply stated, the law of attraction is that what you focus on, will be attracted to you and therefore you shall receive.  The trick is focusing on the right things in a positive way.  Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative.  This is why people who are focused on only their problems, seem to have more problems.

You think that it is hooey or voodoo?  I can tell you that it really does seem to work.  I am excellent, all of the time, every time; just ask me.  Is my life problem free?  No; but I focus on the lesson rather than the problem and soon the problem is solved and I have learned a new lesson in life.

I have witnessed people receiving things, phone calls, emails, meetings and so on, where if they act on them, they will be one step closer to finishing one of their goals or achieving a dream.  The other key to the law of attraction, is being able to recognize when an opportunity is tapping you on the shoulder.  It is then, your choice to act on it or not.

It is my reading about this, hearing about this and understanding this universal law, that I am grateful for today.  Once again, this week I was able to witness it’s power and not just with me.

Live well….!