Well we have had one full month of Major League Baseball and I think that it is great!  Yesterday my wife and daughter took a day off from school, one teaching the other attending, and the three of us took in a day game at the local stadium.  My daughter was ecstatic because our seats were only four rows from the field.  The sun was shining, with a wonderful cool breeze blowing; we didn’t even feel the burn that the sun was leaving on us.  What a beautiful DAY!

I enjoy watching baseball; something that I inherited from my grandfather.  He is the reason that I am an Oakland A’s fan.  I use doing laundry and house chores on the weekend as an excuse to watch baseball on the television.  Baseball is bringing the eastern and western worlds closer together.

What I truly love about baseball and what I am so grateful for today…

….my daughter, who is fourteen, enjoys watching baseball; granted she roots for the wrong teams, but it is something that she and I can enjoy together.  Anytime spent with my fourteen year old daughter, where both she and I are smiling….well that is something for me to be grateful for.